Our EMS personal trainers offer high-quality training and follow-up throughout your membership. During each session, your private coach will suggest a series of exercises adapted to your physical condition and your goals..



Strong of 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, we noticed over time that clients have less time to workout.

Being able to sustain a weekly workout routine of an hour or 2 at the gym became difficult. Taking this in consideration, we have created i-PULSE, the specialist of EMS training in Geneva. Looking for a new way to workout efficiently ? We offer an efficient gym training alternative. Enjoy a healthy and revolutionary solution of workout involving short EMS training sessions. In a short time frame, reach better results than the ones you are achieving in a traditional fitness studio. Our premium private EMS training sessions at home, at your office or directly at our studio (Bristol **** hotel) are adapted to any kind of schedule wherever you want to workout in Geneva and its surroundings.



What is EMS?

EMS: Electro Myo Stimulation, we explain.

EMS training also called electrostimulation is a very efficient workout. With your personal trainer, get a quick and efficient session.
EMS is an extremely effective training. In a 20-minute EMS training, get the results of a 4-hour fitness workout.
You will be wearing a comfortable suit fitted with electrodes placed on the 8 main muscular groups of your body, including supportive and postural muscles.
Our EMS machines, miha bodytec, allow a fast and effective workout session. With 20 minutes of EMS session, you will perform various low impact, safe and tailored made movements to help you reach your fitness and performance goals.
These painless sports sessions are no less effective, get ready to sweat!


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Low glycemic index recipe with seasonal vegetables

Low glycemic index recipe with seasonal vegetables

Although EMS training is an effective method, good nutrition remains essential to achieve your weight loss goals.  Our personal trainers, expert in nutrition, offer you the recipe for an anti-inflammatory dish with a low glycemic index in order to achieve your...

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Your EMS DUO training session at home

Your EMS DUO training session at home

After many requests, we now offer you the possibility of doing your electrostimulation sessions with the person of your choice.  How does it work?Your personal trainer travels to Geneva and its surroundings with the necessary fitness equipment for your EMS...

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EMS training for perineal rehabilitation!

EMS training for perineal rehabilitation!

How? The body has several types of muscles: - Superficial muscles called movement - Deep muscles called stability  These deep muscles such as the perineum play a fundamental role in supporting the genitals and the anatomical structure. - EMS training is one of...

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