EMS training for perineal rehabilitation!

The body has several types of muscles:
– Superficial muscles called movement
– Deep muscles called stability


These deep muscles such as the perineum play a fundamental role in supporting the genitals and the anatomical structure.

– EMS training is one of the most successful methods to strengthen these deep muscles.

– For women, postpartum rehabilitation is essential for a safe resumption of physical activity. Your EMS sessions supervised by your personal trainer will quickly lead you to your goals in complete safety.

– Bénéficiez d’un accompagnement évolutif grâce à nos coachs sportif qualifiés qui mettront à profit leur expérience pour utiliser les techniques adaptées.

– I-PULSE maintains your body and secures young mothers in their active lives. All our clients benefit from a personalized follow-up in order to achieve their various objectives in timely manner (weight loss, toning, rehabilitation of the perineum, cellulite treatment)…

EMS specialist in Geneva i-PULSE will help you to reach any of your goals with you private trainer!
No time to come to us? We offer EMS training session in Geneva and surrounding

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EMS training for seniors?

EMS training for seniors?

With retirement and aging, seniors tend to reduce their physical activity times. Indeed, with advancing age, the difficulty in performing a certain number of movements sometimes prevents them from practicing a physical activity on a regular basis.  With...

EMS training at your office

EMS training at your office

Well aware that for any company, an employee in a good physical shape and mental health is an asset. we now offer, in Geneva and surroundings, the opportunity to come directly to your company during your lunch break for your 20-minute EMS sessions.

EMS training at home

EMS training at home

Aware that some people do not have time come to us to do their workout, we now offer home EMS training sessions in Geneva and its surroundings.