Back pain


What are the origins of back pain?

In most cases, back pain is due to poor posture and / or a weakness of the posterior muscle chain (hamstrings, gluteus maximus and medius, lumbar muscles).
These muscle weaknesses are often due to a lifestyle poorly suited to the needs of the human body. Indeed, while our hunter / gatherer ancestors were in perpetual motion, many professions of the 21st century require several hours a day leaning against our chair. Since the posterior muscle chain is completely relaxed in a sitting position, long hours at the office contribute significantly to a lack of muscle tone in your postural muscles.

How can I treat my back pain?

Toning and strengthening your deep and postural muscles are fundamental in order to treat your back pain. Thanks to the electrostimulation you strengthen all the muscles of the posterior chain in a safe and effective way. Indeed, our miha bodytec technology does not require work with an additional load unlike a traditional training which allows the strengthening of your postural muscles without taking the risk of worsening your situation. Our personal trainer will design a tailor made session to meet your goals.

Effects of back strengthening with EMS training demonstrated in studies:

  • 88% of study participants significantly reduced their back pain!
  • After 2 training sessions, 20% were free of symptoms, and even 50% after 6 weeks.
  • The frequency and duration of pain has decreased by more than over 80%.
  • After 2 weeks of muscle electrostimulation, the pain intensity decreased by 50% and by 87% after 6 weeks.
  • 40% of participants suffered from chronic back pain before the start of training, only 9% remained after 6 weeks of training! In 44% of patients with chronic conditions, the pain was completely gone.
  • Resistance during typical daily demands (lifting heavy things, physical work, housework, sport, driving or prolonged sitting) has improved by up to 30%.
  • The most significant improvements were obtained within the space of the first 2 to 4 training sessions.

Do you suffer from back pain? Do not waste any more time to book your session in your EMS center in Geneva. No time to move? No problem our personal trainer are offering home EMS training  sessions in Geneva and its surroundings to suit you.