EMS training at home

Aware that some people do not have time come to us to do their workout, we now offer home EMS training sessions in Geneva and its surroundings.

How does it work?
Once your EMS session is booked you will receive a confirmation email specifying the name of your personal trainer. Although EMS training only lasts 20 minutes, allow 30 minutes of your time to give us time to prepare everything.


What do I need?
Your workout at home does not require any particular equipment, all we need will be brought by your private coach.


How much space do I need?
Only one space of 2 m² will be necessary to perform the various exercises during your sports session.


Any questions? Feel free to contact us

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EMS training at your office

EMS training at your office

Well aware that for any company, an employee in a good physical shape and mental health is an asset. we now offer, in Geneva and surroundings, the opportunity to come directly to your company during your lunch break for your 20-minute EMS sessions.

No injuries

No injuries

How does EMS reduce the risk of injury?
Thanks to electrostimulation, the risk of injury disappears, indeed thanks to our technology the sessions are:

Quick results

Quick results

What if simple electrodes glued to the body could strengthen our muscles? Many top athletes use electrostimulation to complete their training or to recover better.



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