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Home sessions
Customized workout plan
Complimentary SPA access


Not enough time to exercise? We have THE solution for you. Try the EMS training (electrostimulation) for faster results.
You already train in a gym or watch videos at home and get bored very easily? Don’t worry with this new solution you choose what suits you best. Our personal trainers will help you reach your goals.
I-pulse is specialized in EMS training (electrostimulation). Based at the Bristol**** hotel in Geneva, we also offer home sport training in Geneva and around.
Come and try our new technology to work out more efficiently. With our miha bodytec machine you get premium services of work out at your place, at your office or in our studio.
20 Minutes = 4 hours at the gym

Electro Muscle Stimulation

Gaetan Bruyère
EMS : Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Come train with us!
EMS training also called electrostimulation is a very efficient workout. With your personal coach, get a quick and efficient workout.
You will be wearing a comfortable suit fitted with electrodes placed on the 8 main muscular groups of your body, including supportive and postural muscles.
At I-Pulse, customers are taken care of individually by a certified coach. Throughout the 20 minute workout, you will perform various low impact, safe and tailored made movements to help you reach your fitness and performance objectives.
20 minutes on our miha bodytec machine will make you sweat as if you have exercised 4 hours at the gym.
Come train with a private coach on our EMS machine, miha bodytec.

Benefits of an EMS training

  • No injuries

    No weights needed, our EMS sessions are bodyweight focused and prevent any risk of injury.

  • Eliminate fat

    EMS boosts your metabolism during 72 hours after the training session which helps people reduce their body fat.

  • Releave back pain

    EMS training improves overall posture and flexibility.

  • Fast results

    Get noticeable results within 6 weeks.

Results in 20 min / week


Core Workout



Cellulite Treatment

Stress relief


Sport Performance



Strong of 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, we noticed over time that clients have less time to workout.
Being able to sustain a weekly routine workout of an hour or 2 at the gym became difficult. Taking this in consideration, we have created i-PULSE, the specialist of EMS in Geneva.
Looking for a new way to workout efficiently ? We offer an efficient gym training alternative.
Enjoy a healthy and revolutionary solution of workout involving short EMS training sessions.
In a short time frame, reach better results than the ones you are achieving in a traditional fitness studio.
Our premium private EMS training sessions at home, at your office or directly at our studio (Bristol **** hotel) are adapted to any time schedule wherever you want to workout in Geneva and its surroundings.
Electrostimulation coach
Diet expert
Electrostimulation coach

Rates & Services

One or two sessions per week are enough to metamorphose. Book your session today with one of our certified coaches.

Studio sessions a la carte

Weekdays: 10am-2pm / 4pm-8pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm
In partnership with the Bristol Hotel**** in Geneva enjoy your private EMS session and a complimentary SPA access including sauna, steam room and hot tub.
*Included: Access to SPA.

Welcome Pack

99CHF/2 sessions
  • New customer only
  • Valid 1 month

5 sessions

or 470CHF
  • Valid 4 month
  • 1 body assessment

10 sessions

or 890CHF
  • Valid 6 month
  • 2 body assessments

Our studio membership deals


or 360 CHF/month
  • 6 month contract
  • Membership can be postponed
  • Monthly body check assessment


or 510/month
  • 6 month contract
  • Membership can be postponed
  • Monthly body check assessment


or 640CHF/month
  • 6 month contract
  • Membership can be postponed
  • Monthly body check assessment

Premium sessions

Weekdays : 6:30am-9pm
Saturday : 8am-12pm
For our premium EMS training sessions at home or at your office we are coming to you. We travel with all the equipment all over Geneva and its surroundings.
*A space of 2x1,5m2 is required to install the equipment and workout. Allow a total of 30 to 40 minutes between the arrival of your private coach and the end of your EMS training.


  • Valid 2 month


or 2200CHF
  • Valid 6 month
  • Monthly body check assessment


or 5000CHF
  • Valid 1 year
  • Monthly body check assessment
* EMS suit + Card : 60 CHF
« Ready for a full body transformation ? »

We are offering a Full Body Program. In 3 month access a complete wellness program that combines our EMS training (electrostimulation) with a personalized nutrition plan.
The program starts with an hour consultation with our nutrition certified coach to define the perfect diet plan you will need to reach your goals.
Results are breathtaking. Our clients always come back with outstanding reviews on their body.
At all times during those 3 month, your personal trainer will be available if you need any support or motivation. An outdoor meal? Cravings? Social gatherings? No problem at all! Reach out to us and we will adapt to your lifestyle.
According to scientific studies, a healthy diet combined with exercise will allow you to reach your goals. Our personal trainer will be there to guide you.
It is not always easy to find time to workout. Scientists agree that working out 30 minutes a day is enough.
As previously mentioned a 20 minute EMS session is equal to 4 hours of fitness training. Therefore you only need two EMS sessions per week at home or in our studio to reach 100% of your goals.
The Full Body Program will offer both nutrition plan and sufficient training.
FOR ONLY: 1090 CHF/month



Contact us

You are looking for a personal trainer in Geneva or its surroundings and you don't like the traditional fitness atmosphere? Or maybe you just don’t have enough time to exercise?
In our studio or during home training sessions. Gaetan and Mathieu take care of everything.
i-PULSE is the only studio offering EMS premium services in Geneva and around.
On top of an exclusive personal trainer, enjoy a tailor made diet plan to get in shape in record time.
Give us ONLY 20 minutes of your time and we will show you how to train your full body as if you were doing 4 hours of training.
Time is no longer an excuse. 20 minute EMS training = 4 hour workout at the gym.
Ready to schedule your private EMS training? Book now your personal EMS trainer.